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Quebrada Lodge

The Lodge

La Quebrada Lodge is located in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. At only 4 hours drive from Ezeiza International Airport in the central pampas region. The area consists of miles of corn, sunflowers, sorghum, wheat and soybeans. Amongst the grain are numerous lakes, potholes, marshes and freshwater creeks where we hunt ducks from confortable and easy access blinds. Huge extensions of cattle fields and natural pastures delivers amazing perdiz hunting over pointing dogs. Lot of shooting takes place next to woods at old fashioned estancias where doves and pigeons concentrate! Come and enjoy one of greatest mixed bag wingshooting adventures in the world.


The lodge offers 3 double bedrooms with private bathroom, plus 2 double bedrooms with one bathroom.

At La Quebrada we will accommodate up to 6 guests, and when you are at the lodge, it is yours to enjoy the  living room with a fireplace, the very nice veranda with a delightful view to the garden, the polo course, and sand hills.

Food and Drink

Dining at La Quebrada is always an event, and menus feature a variety of Argentinean’s famous beef, international cuisine, and well-seasoned recipes of  wild game as ducks, perdiz, hares, wild boar, deer….all these accompanied by a fine selection of best Argentinean wines.

The bar is always well stocked with well known liquor brands, beer and local spirits. 

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