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The Hunting


Duck hunting over decoys, morning and afternoons.

Mornings start early. Wakeup call and a full breakfast is served at the lodge.

Then departure to duck hunting spots. Driving time depends on water conditions, usually from 5 to 60 minutes, and for 2019 the lodge is expected to be surrounded by marshes, lagoons and ponds at 5 to 45 minutes drive time in all cases.

Guides set you in well camouflaged blinds, spread decoys, and you will start shooting at first light. Guides will assist you during the entire hunt.

Most days we return to the lodge after the shoot for lunch and if time allows  a well-deserved siesta before afternoon shoot which usually begins around 3pm.

The afternoon shoot continues until dark, returning to the lodge for dinner and enjoy accommodations.

Some afternoons, you will enjoy perdiz shooting over pointer dogs in rich pastures in areas near by and there is always an extra on shooting the abounding   European hares while perdiz hunting.

Dove shooting is also an option as they have been overpopulated during recent years and it is possible to shoot between 10 to 20 boxes per shooter in one afternoon. Some pigeons are always present as well at the traditional estancias forest and they could be shot at while dove shooting.

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